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Why take fatty acids in the form of dietary supplements?

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The pace of modern life can take a heavy toll. Chronic stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and constantly deteriorating food quality are a cause for concern. One of the most effective ways to counteract these negative effects of modern life is to exercise outdoors and take proper dietary supplementation.


Remember, you are what you eat, so include in your diet the right amount of valuable minerals and vitamins. In this article you will learn why it is worth taking fatty acids in the form of supplements.

Fatty acids - why are they so beneficial to your body?

fatty acids (vegan caps) play an extremely important role in the human body. Proper supplementation of them allows us to maintain a state of homeostasis, that is, the proper functioning of all organs. A good example of this is DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is responsible for the proper functioning of the brain, and also contributes to proper vision.

Another example of such an acid is EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), which contributes to the proper work of the heart, which makes it especially often recommended by cardiologists. Supplementation with such fatty acids allows to maintain good health, despite all the adverse external factors that attack our bodies every day.

Where to look for supplements with fatty acids

A great example of a dietary supplement that contains both fatty acids and many other beneficial ingredients are preparations from Osavi. The dietary supplement Omega-3 + D3 IMMUNO is a beneficial blend of all the most important vitamins and minerals that support your body, especially during the autumn and winter. What's more, this formula contains a number of beneficial ingredients, such as fatty acids from purified fish oil. This formula also contains vitamin D3, which helps with:

  • The proper functioning of the immune system,
  • Maintaining healthy teeth and bones,
  • Maintain normal levels of calcium in the blood,
  • The proper functioning of muscles.

If you're wondering where to buy these soft capsules, which will not only boost your immunity, but also have a positive effect on your muscles, bones and brain function, they are available in many different places, such as Allegro, Ceneo and Google Shopping. For more information, head to the manufacturer's website - Take care of your health!

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