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A new level of corporate team-building programs

PanIQroom Stockholm PanIQroom Stockholm pixabay

Corporate team-building goals are to strengthen the feeling of belonging and enhance cooperation. If coworkers get closer to each other outside the workplace and learn to work together in new situations, their performance will improve too.


Instead of the usual outing, drinking, or baking together, it's worth getting to know a whole new level of corporate team-building and taking advantage of the opportunities hidden in escape rooms.

Corporate team-building locked in a room

An escape room presents the team members with new, previously unknown challenges, which they can only overcome with combined strength to get out in time. Thinking together, cooperation and trust are the keys to escape.

PanIQroom Stockholm opened a new dimension of corporate team-building activities by creating an environment that forces coworkers to collaborate and commit to each other. If the pressure on them increases, they need to work as a team to solve the puzzles together.

Of course, the atmosphere is not so tense, as funny, thought-provoking, and often quite complex tasks alternate, which create many fun scenarios. New situations, previously unknown skills and abilities unfold, and sometimes unexpected things show about the team members. Therefore an escape room undeniably encourages the participants to get to know each other more thoroughly. And this can also be beneficial during the activities carried out at the workplace.

Creativity, strategic thinking and quick decision-making

When a corporate team-building program takes place in an escape room, getting out requires real brainwork from the participants. A location like this encourages quick and creative thinking. Furthermore, immediate decision-making and proper task delegation are often essential in this case. The experience that the team works together to get out of an escape room increases the feeling of belonging and commitment to each other. After the successful completion of the tasks and escape, there is nothing left but to celebrate.

Every manager or team lead can benefit if the employees face extraordinary tasks during team-building as they can in an escape room game. On the other hand, it can offer a new perspective when a manager sees how employees think and work together and how they react in certain situations. Understanding how employees work can increase efficiency, improve focus and strengthen loyalty. Moreover, the leadership style can come in a new direction. These can benefit the whole organization. 

Diverse locations, unique excitement

PanIQroom Stockholm created several escape rooms. Teams can choose e. g. from a prison, a pirate ship or a museum during a corporate team-building program. The members can even investigate, like a real Sherlock Holmes. It is up to their interests which one they want to explore. 

When choosing among the escape rooms, the age of the players, the number of players and the difficulty of the game are worth to be considered. Each game lasts an average of 60 minutes, which is how much time is available to escape. And what happens if you can't get out in time? Well, that can be experienced only by those who engage in such an adventure.

PanIQroom Stockholm ensured that each room has an individual story and each one is associated with a specific mission. During a corporate team-building activity, participants can experience excitement, reality and fun at the same time. The game presents the participants with a shared experience they will never forget, which can contribute to better working relationships and effective collaboration during work.

If you are looking for ideas for organizing company team-building events, choose PanIQroom escape rooms! It's both a fun and thoughtful activity that your coworkers will enjoy. Of course, only if they manage to get out in time...

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