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Best Test Case Management Tool in 2022

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Find the best test case management tool and improve your software testing process to achieve better results.


When it comes to managing test cases, there are various tools you can use that will make this process easier. Depending on the size of your testing team and the scope of your product, you may need something heavy-duty or lightweight.

Having an organized test case management tool will ensure that your tests are accurate and duplicates are avoided.

What is a test case management tool?


test case management tool

 is any software that helps you track and organize test cases. This could be integrated with your bug tracker or used separately.

There are many test case management tools available, but these four are the best and most popular according to our reviews and comparisons. They range in price, completeness of features, and ease of use. 

QA Coverage is one of the best test case management tools.  It is both a work-tracking and measurement tool. It seamlessly integrates with your bug tracker to automatically create issues once test cases are completed. Because it’s an agile tool, it can be used to track multiple test runs for each release. 

Automation testing company

 strongly recommend these tools for making cases during testing.

Did you know that 75% of bug fixes could have been found by testing the code manually with well-defined test cases? With a good test case management tool, you can ensure that everyone on your testing team is setting up and running the correct test cases to find bugs and improve the quality of your software.

This tool is also great for creating and managing test case libraries, so your testers can learn from them and create test cases of their own. It also has a requirements management tool to track and trace requirements.

Cost: starts at $144/year (billed yearly) for the core kit with additional modules priced separately.

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