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People take a lot of things for granted and logos are one of them. We get used to them, almost ignoring their contribution to brand reputation, forgetting that they sometimes are the brand itself, ireplaceable and so important that consumers may even refuse the slightest change, translating their resilience in sales stats.

A logo speaks on so many levels, most of them unconscious, that creating the proper one is a mission to be given only to a trustworthy mate.

Logos are the direct product of one’s imagination, but also of the business’ history, values, ethics, future. They need to make consumers observe and remember them without making any efforts whatsoever. They have to be the synthesis of the brand philosophy, of its conception about the world and life in general.

A logo designer pro is a very special kind of wizard, with the ability to almost read people’s minds so that what he/she delivers answers both the specifics of the client having the brand and the expectations of the consumer of the brand. Witty but also clear, imaginative but also practical, logos have an almost impossible mission – to say a lot without using any additional instruments to deliver the message. We know an image is worth a 1000 words, but this kind of image is worth so much more.

Having the above in mind, it is crucial you don’t go to war by yourself, no matter how talented you may be. Because this industry is one where talent, even if it comes first, needs to be backed up by research, hard work and some other key ingredients that make all the difference between average and genius. Similar to asking for help from specialists when dealing with other aspects of your life and business, you should choose an expert for designing your logo, as it is a symbol that needs to stay with you all the way, meant to increase notoriety and insure your customers become and stay loyal.

So, do not treat this shallowly and give it the importance it has to have. Whever you are a modern minimalist business or a more develloped one, with multiple branches, you need to make comparisons, see what the world has to offer, decide what suits you best and afterwards be honest in terms of expectations, what you like and what you don’t, communicate and never accept something you’re not totally in love with. As when deciding to spend your life with someone, a logo will be there forever, for better and for worse, so it has to be the one...

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