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Communication best practices: how to choose the right marketing channels for your company

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When running a business, communication is vital. Whether you’re using it for better internal processes or in order to promote your products or services, you can’t live without it. In the following, we’re going to tell you what to keep in mind when choosing the marketing channels to better reach your customers:


Set your goals and reach for them

Is it brand awareness you want to achieve or better sales? Once you know what your goal is, you’ll be able to effectively shoot the works. If you want to strengthen your current customer base and build a relationship with your existing customers, community marketing could be the best way to attain these goals. If you’re up to increasing your sales, promotions via social media or direct marketing could be the answer. If you want to position yourself as an authority in your field and to assume the responsibility of an educator, content marketing may be the best way to achieve this. And if you’re looking to raise awareness and reach highly defined audiences, you might want to take a look at how much is a billboard in Times Square or other area your public is passing by.

Key note: consider your goals and find the best marketing channels to achieve them.

Know your audience

Where do your customers hang out? How are they spending their time? What do they usually read, what social networks do they use, what interests do they have and how do they research on Google?

If you want your marketing strategy to be effective, you need to cut through the clutter and get to know your audience in order to become a solution for their needs and struggles. And don’t exclude any possibility, your customers could spend their time on TikTok or walk around the city, in which case you could reach them using DOOH (digital out of home) strategies.

Wear your audience’s shoes and offer them a great customer journey

Having a clear image of the conversion funnel will allow you to push your audience to advance from one stage to the next. Don’t fall into the trap of nurturing the same old consumers and always seek to convert new ones. Use customized messages for each stage, know what they need and offer them solutions, encourage loyalty through promotions and discounts and stay in touch with your customers even after the sale. This way, you’ll manage to transform researchers into customers, customers into loyals, loyals into ambassadors. 

Learn from others

Take a good look at your competitors. What works for them? What have they tried and didn’ t bring results? Learn both from their successes and failures and never underestimate them, especially if they’re older than you in the market and have a richer experience. Don’t imitate their voice, but find your own. A/ B test as much as possible and inspire from your competitors, without becoming their copy.

Use data and adjust your strategy

Never ignore the numbers. Data can guide you through a better optimization process for your whole marketing strategy, so analyse everything in the smallest details. Use tests to see what works best, keep an eye on analytics and sales, check what channels are your audiences more responsive to both  when it comes to research and buying and do your best to anticipate their reactions. This way, you’ll be able to adjust your strategy in a productive direction, which will translate into more audiences, more subscribers and, eventually, more sales and loyal customers.

Choosing the right marketing channels and tactics is always a work in progress. So don’t take any result for granted and always reach for more.

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