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Why Connected Car Technology Is Crucial for the Future of the Automotive Industry

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Future mobility relies on vehicle connectivity, electric vehicles, autonomous driving solutions, Internet of Things, mobile apps, and sensory data. All these solutions build an environment where connected vehicles can flourish, while simultaneously, being necessary for the further development of various technologies


Connected cars are supposed to revolutionize transportation, improve the way car manufacturers produce vehicles, and provide limitless opportunities for drivers. The automobile industry and technology companies invest in connected vehicle technology to build new products and services, gain new revenue streams, reduce maintenance costs, and use vehicle data collection to accelerate the development of self-driving vehicles.

Software development for connected cars

Automotive companies need to build in-house expertise while working on creating connected car features. Competing for the best talent is tough. OEMs and fleet operators collaborate with automotive software development and consulting companies to fill the gap and accelerate the transition from a traditional company to a software-first enterprise.

Grape Up empowers top car rentals, vehicle manufacturers, and mobility providers to deliver advanced driver assistance systems, connectivity services, Digital Twin solutions, V2X (vehicle to everything, including vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to infrastructure, etc.,) technologies, and all features enabling drivers to join the wireless networks of closely integrated devices.

Why connected vehicles

Increased computing power, better internet connectivity, improved operating systems, and the positive impact of the rapid development of software enable the car industry to create an environment where cars communicate with other vehicles the cloud, infrastructure, and all mobile devices.

Why being connected is so crucial for the future of automotive and mobility? Connected cars work like IoT devices - collect data, share data, analyze data, and provide actionable insights. That allows for better customer experience - emergency services, roadside assistance, fuel efficiency monitoring, and limitless infotainment solutions.

With over-the-air updates (OTA updates), in-vehicle software can be constantly upgraded which provides automotive companies with the capability to enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and explore new business models.

Comparisons to the smartphone market

What is happening right now in the auto industry can be compared to the previous revolution in the mobile phone market. With the development of operating systems and a huge number of 3rd party service providers, smartphones allowed their users to join the wireless network of smart devices and became platforms for the new markets of applications.

Taking into account these comparisons, connected cars are supposed to unlock new opportunities for OEMs, manufacturers, shared mobility providers, and vehicle rentals. On way to seize these opportunities, automotive companies need to level up their software development.

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