Wednesday, 06 April 2022 16:46

The AdBlue Emulator – an ingenious solution for trucks

AdBlue Emulator AdBlue Emulator pixabay

The logistics and warehousing industry is booming and the demand for professional truck drivers has never been as high as it is today.


This is, of course, due to many different factors, which is why logistics companies cannot complain about the lack of orders. The fact that strict emissions legislation is hitting logistics companies harder and harder, forcing expensive solutions that often break down, is also worth noting. Clever drivers have found a way around this with the AdBlue emulator. What is this device and why is this solution becoming popular?

What is an AdBlue Emulator and how does it work?

Due to the ever-increasing truck traffic caused by the drastic growth of the logistics industry, specific requirements are imposed on trucks with regard to the exhaust gases they generate. This is, of course, linked to environmental protection and the ever-increasing pressure for trucks to emit ever smaller quantities of pollutants and exhaust fumes. The SCR system, which has been installed for more than a decade, has the task of drastically reducing the harmfulness of exhaust fumes emitted by trucks. The entire system is based on AdBlue, a high purity aqueous urea solution. Unfortunately, both the SCR system and the AdBlue itself have a high failure rate.

The AdBlue Emulator is a device that prevents the truck from stopping due to errors in the SCR system. This ensures that goods can always be delivered on time, which not only improves the driver's driving experience, but also improves the profitability of the logistics company, which is able to meet its declared deadline for the delivery of the transported cargo. What's more, the AdBlue emulator makes it possible to bypass the restrictive SCR system, giving the driver greater peace of mind, as the SCR system is notorious for its high failure rate.

Where to buy a good quality AdBlue emulator

The best way to buy an AdBlue emulator is to choose one from an online store. Of course, it should be a store that enjoys a sufficiently high reputation and a large number of positive reviews from customers. One of the undoubted advantages of such online stores is the low price of AdBlue emulators. Thanks to this, the purchase of such a device is not a large expense.

AdBlue emulators are a very interesting solution to the problem of constant SCR system failures. An increasing number of drivers are considering installing such an emulator.


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