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This is basically a family tree. The tree holds all the Customers and Representatives who you have personally sponsored (introduced) to the company.

This is an extended family tree where by your personally sponsored Representatives (and Representatives inherited from your up-line through placements) create a multi-tiered network. As well as being front-line on the Sponsor Tree, a new Representative will also be placed front-line on the sponsoring Representative’s Retirement Tree.

Sponsor Volume is the BV of orders placed by Customers and Lifestyle Members as well as Representatives in their first 30 days of joining.

Retirement Volume is the BV of orders placed by Representatives who have been with the Company more than 30 days.

To really leverage your income potential, it is important to know all of the bonuses available and how you earn them. Here we will go into detail on each bonus type, as you will see some pay a defined percentage of the order value, some a specific cash amount, and some a share of the entire pool of funds allocated to that particular bonus.

7% of the order value by a Customer or Lifestyle Member, will be paid to the Active Sponsoring Representative.

Here’s an example: your customer places an order through your web site for products that have a retail value of $100 (excluding any taxes, duties or shipping costs). You will receive 7% of the $100 ($7).

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