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Albufeira - what to visit in this Portuguese town?

Faro airport to Albufeira Faro airport to Albufeira pixabay

Albufeira is a town and municipality in Portugal's Algarve region. It is an ideal vacation destination practically all year round and its beaches are some of the best in Europe - especially in winter when you can explore them on long walks! What is there to see? We suggest!


How to reach Albufeira?

To get to Albufeira in Portugal, for example, you can fly into Faro airport. From there you can easily pre-book a transfer from Faro airport to Albufeira. This will allow us to reach this city without any problems with transport.

Albufeira - sightseeing

When you think of Portugal, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably sipping a cup of port-flavored wine and watching those amazing sunset colors over the water. However, for some people, Albufeira may be where they have a great time when visiting these parts because there are so many beautiful beaches! The town itself has many advantages; its location right next to Faro Airport means quick access, no matter what mode of transport suits you best.

Beautiful beaches

These are ideal vacation destinations for those who love the beach. Albufeira's stunning coastline is a must-see for any traveller. The beautiful beaches start in the town itself and stretch as far as the eye can see, mainly to the east towards Olhos de Agua on the other side, where they are interspersed with rocks protruding from the depths of the ocean. The scenery around this area provides stunning views that are well worth taking the time to explore.


If you're looking for an unforgettable experience while on vacation in Albufeira, visit Zoomarine Algarve. This theme park with a water park offers many activities, including swimming with dolphins and seals! There are also plenty of slides and playgrounds, so all ages can have just as much fun without being too young or old-fashioned, suitable only for certain groups.

Old Town

This historic old town is considered by locals to be the beating heart of Albufeira. Here you can relax on the benches, soaking up the atmosphere of the city and enjoying delicious freshly caught seafood dishes or a glass of your favorite local wine; all while surrounded by street performers who roam the cobblestone streets all day long!


The Igreja Matriz, the city's main church and one of Albufeira's most iconic landmarks, is located in its center. It was built almost 200 years ago by Portuguese architects, imitating the Italian style, with stone windows that form 3 huge panels on each side, flanked by 2 meter high thick brick arches that house 4 altars. 

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