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Advantages and Features of French Bulldogs

French Bulldog French Bulldog pixabay

French bulldogs, despite their small stature and rather amusing, original, one might say, frivolous appearance, belong to the molossoid group of dogs and have real pickling dogs in their ancestors, which were used in dog fights. Currently, the breed has no practical application, its representatives are kept exclusively as pets and companion dogs.

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Pros and Cons of the French Bulldog

Small size and weight. This is a big plus for the breed since a dog can be brought into a family where there are children – a small bulldog cannot harm a child. A charming snorer will also be a great partner for an elderly, lonely person. Furthermore, thanks to the medium-sized dimensions, the Frenchman can be safely taken on his knees, transferred from an armchair to a sofa, and indeed, if desired, simply carried in his arms.

A calm, moderately active, a medium-length walk is all he needs. Furthermore, remember that most French people don't just dislike the water, they are physically bad swimmers. The opinion that they do not know how to do this at all is a myth, but the French Bulldog is not a diver. The peculiar shape of the jaw and problematic breathing make themselves felt.

Character and temperament

Frenchies are characterized by a friendly, sociable, affectionate, and loving character, but at the same time an active, gambling, and sometimes reckless, fearless temperament. Fun and cheerfulness make this breed suitable for completely inexperienced dog breeders. However, dogs can show stubbornness and pride, can remember an insult for a long time, and sometimes even get jealous. The dog perceives strangers without any aggression while focusing on the master's reception, as it is an excellent psychologist. If he receives the guest joyfully and cordially, then she will be generous. For those who are not welcome in the house, the bulldog will also not run to greet them

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