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Polish citizenship – 4 benefits

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Holding dual citizenship – citizenship of the country of your birth and Polish citizenship – seems to be very beneficial. An individual who took part in the citizenship application process becomes a fully-fledged citizen of Poland, and at the same time, gets rights associated with it.

Before that happens, you need to check your eligibility for Polish citizenship and find out what requirements need to be met. In today’s article, we will focus on the most common ways of acquiring Polish citizenship and illustrate the main benefits a foreigner derives as a citizen of Poland. Find more below!

Ways of acquiring Polish citizenship – you need to know that

Polish citizenship as a legal institution strictly regulated by the Polish law is passed basically via the right of blood. That means, an individual gets the same citizenship as his parent, grandparent, or even great-grandparent and what’s more, he can pass it on to future generations. The right of soil applies to the child found on the territory of Poland whose parents are unknown or as well as to stateless children. Those are the most common ways of acquiring citizenship in Poland.

A person can have Polish citizenship from birth and not even be aware of it! In such a case, however, it is not possible to enjoy the status of a Polish citizen until the citizenship is confirmed. In such cases, he must prove his eligibility for the Polish citizenship confirmation process and conduct research across archives in Poland and any European country to find out if the citizenship of his ancestors was not lost. After that, there is nothing left to do but lodge a motion at the Voivodeship Office.

The President of the Republic of Poland also has the competence to grant citizenship to any foreigner who is not of Polish origin. As the Head of State, he decides which arguments stated in the official motion are sufficient enough. Based on that, he issues consent in a written form. The whole process seems to be complicated but if you want to make it as smooth as possible, you should demonstrate your strong connections with the Polish nation. If you speak the Polish language, run a business here, or support our culture, great for you. Check how to get Polish citizenship.

What are the benefits of Polish citizenship?

Once you become a fully-fledged citizen of Poland, you get more benefits than you could ever think about. What’s important, after you receive positive consent on your application, you cannot lose citizenship!

Here you can find 4 benefits you get as a holder of Polish citizenship.

  • You can live and work wherever you want in Europe

The greatest aspect of holding Polish citizenship is the possibility to live or work anywhere you would like to. Wanna move to Sweden or Spain? Feel free to do it! As a citizen of Poland, there are no limits if it comes to access to the European Union countries. Polish citizens do not have to worry about being hired in Poland or abroad. You just need to find an attractive job and move with your family members.

  • You can travel freely within Europe

Holding dual citizenship also allows you to travel freely around Europe with no visa restrictions. That means, there is no need for you to worry about long queues for border control for non-EU citizens. The only condition you must fulfill is to have a Polish passport.

  • You can study for free at public universities

The list of benefits you get as a citizen of Poland is way longer than you thought. Did you know that Polish citizenship gives you an opportunity to study at public universities? Depending on the university you choose, sometimes it may be crucial to pay a fee.

  • Your family members get similar rights as you

Do not worry about your children or your spouse! They get similar rights as you despite the fact they do not hold Polish citizenship. As we mentioned before, Polish citizenship may be passed from one generation to another. So, if you would like to make their lives easier, your kids can take part in the Polish citizenship confirmation process. If it comes to the spouse, you can only register your significant other in Poland.

We probably do not have to convince you how beneficial it is to hold Polish citizenship!

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