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Crossthelimits - the best nutrition and supplements for athletes

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Supplements are not just an addition to the diet of athletes. They are a duty that watches over the health and progress of the human body.

Without a proper diet, an athlete's body will not only be unable to progress - it will also be prone to painful injuries, which is one of the worst things that can happen in an athletic career. The Crossthelimits store offers a huge selection of various supplements at the best prices!

Beta-alanine - a valuable ingredient in many supplements

A very good example of an ingredient that is very necessary for every athlete is beta-alanine. This amino acid is one of the most important building blocks of proteins. And it's the latter that muscle fibres are made of. During each training unit (especially at the gym) muscles are subject to micro-damage. This is a deliberate process, as over time they are meant to grow even bigger and stronger.

Another advantage of beta-alanine is its indirect anabolic function. This is because beta-alanine increases carnosine levels. In short, it eliminates too much lactic acid, which means that the popular "soreness" doesn't affect the body so much. As a result, muscle regeneration improves and training can be even longer and more intensive than ever before.

Beta-alanine can be used in the form of a powder to be dissolved in water. However, it is found in various forms. Due to its properties, it is often used in pre-workout shots. This ensures that the athlete's body has a supply of beta-alanine right before the workout begins.

Beta-alanine; dosage

Every dietary supplement, even the safest, must be dosed according to the rules. In the case of beta-alanine, a dosage of 3 to 6 grams per day is recommended. It is worth taking it both before and after training, dividing the daily dose in half. All clinical studies have shown that such use of beta-alanine is safe and does not adversely affect human health.

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