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Want to play mind-boggling games? Try these 5 with your friends!

mind-boggling games mind-boggling games

Are the games childish? Maybe. Should we care about it? Not really! As from some tunes, we can hear even the “Life is just a game!” So everybody is a player! Is it easy to play? It depends on the rules moreover, what, with whom, and how we play. Would you like to find a game that is able to switch you off from reality? The one that can relax and recharge you at the same time?

What finally uses the other parts of your brain? Have you ever heard of mind-boggling games? Have you ever tried some of them? Let’s learn about the best mind-boggling games collected by the ever-kid American Escape Rooms.

Black on white

It is said that even the simplest crossword puzzles effectively stimulate brain functions and slow down dementia. Those elderlies who daily do crossword puzzles remain longer active and are less depressive. Nevertheless, some researchers claim that this benefit isn’t scientifically proved. The most important, practically, is the positive experience of thousands of people. Unfortunately, non of the crossword puzzles stops the time and the aging process. They definitely contribute to better cognitive functions.

What kind of crossword puzzles do you know? They are more diverse than you might think! There are the classical, Scandinavian, Italian style, and the word-finders. Furthermore, there are some logical ones, usually with numbers, like Sudoku or Hitori, or the ones based on written text. We can find them in newspapers, in crossword magazines, or everywhere on the internet. They often provide us with easygoing success. However, sometimes we can meet with advanced level crossword puzzles which are more complicated than finding the exit in any escape room.

Mechanical puzzles

They are mechanically interlinked pieces in which you get the solution if you manipulate the whole object or the parts of it. The history of these mind-boggling games roots back to ancient Greece. Like the other divisions of the culture, these games have spread out over the world. Archeologists have found other types of mind-boggling games from later times and from other locations (Iran, Japan, China).

Today, we can choose from a wide range of mind-boggling mechanical games. There are more categories: 

  • Assembly (e.g.: Soma cube, Pentomino, Tangram, Hoffman’s packing puzzle, Pyramid puzzle)
  • Disassembly (mostly they are solved by opening or when dividing them into pieces)
  • Interlocking (the aim is to disassemble completely and then successfully rejoin the pieces, e.g.: Rosebud)
  • Disentanglement (the aim is to disentanglement a loop from an object; e.g.: derringer puzzle, vexiers, tavern puzzles, Chinese rings, Cardans’ ring, the Baguenaudier, the Renaissance puzzle)
  • Fold (e.g.: restore the original folding of a city map :P )
  • Lock (locks with strange locking mechanism)
  • Trick vessels (e.g.: puzzle jug, fuddling cup, pot crown)
  • Impossible objects
  • Dexterity
  • Sequential movement (e.g.: Rubik’s cube, Tower of Hanoi, N-puzzle, Rush Hour, Sokoban)

Escape rooms

Firstly, we could think that escape rooms are just about adventure and action. However, they provide the gamers with more! Besides cooperative skills (you are with your friends in the room), self-awareness, you can challenge your mind, your cognitive skills under the pressure of time in a risky situation. The background story of each escape room creates a mysterious scene making the whole scene real-like. The players should cope with the mind-boggling puzzles, stand the time pressure and apply cooperation with the playmates. Here you can find a colorful range of puzzles: logical, crossword puzzles, mechanical puzzles). Moreover, you should apply your IQ successfully. The first escape rooms were online games. The 3D versions have been created after them. While in escape games, you could have the feeling like you were Sherlock Holmes or Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible. You should use all kinds of skills to solve mind-boggling puzzles. Moreover, patience, attention, cold blood are all required! You can find diverse sorts of escape rooms all over the country. For instance, American Escape Rooms offer 4 distinct types of rooms, and all of them are available in 3 different cities.

Throw the dice!

Last but not least, the board games! You can find among them very simple ones requiring almost no mental effort to play with. However, detective-like, capital-strategy board games (Monopoly, Splendor) or Azul are cognitive challenges both for young and adults. The unique games, Activity or chess, provide the gamers with great brain training. These kinds of mind-boggling games use the player’s IQ, strategy skills, logic and could be nerve-cracking in a positive way. They can rejoin families and friends, however, in a different way than an escape room does. Anyway, they can ensure hard work for your brain cells definitely

The list of mind-boggling games is ready! And your brain? Call your friends, gather your relatives or just find a relaxing place in the park! Distribute cards, throw the dice, visit an escape room or just get a mechanical or crossword puzzle! Your brain will be definitely challenged by these mind-boggling games.

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