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Mobile Gaming Trends to Look Out for in 2020

Unless you’ve been living in a rock for the last decade, you’re aware that mobile gaming has become

a big phenomenon that has penetrated the online gambling world through the Vulkan Vegas mobile app, for instance. From Pokemon Go to PUBG, the 2010s were packed with amazing games that soared in popularity on a global scale.

Regardless of the rise, this wasn’t entirely unexpected because mobile games have always been in vogue supported by a committed community of gamers that latch on to the best that the gaming sector has to offer.

So, with 2019 behind us, it’s time to shift our focus to the upcoming mobile gaming trends of 2020 and the years to come.

AR and VR

As the superpower of a game, this technology provides users with more realistic gaming experiences. VR and AR technology has soared in popularity across the globe and has adopted by gaming enthusiasts. A multitude of people has shown a profound interest in the latest technology which means the mobile gambling industry will get countless opportunities for game development in the future.

VR and AR technology aids in users experiencing the real world virtually and grants a feeling of contemporariness. It also adds a flair of elegance to the gaming platforms such as Slots Million, Mr. Green, and Poker VR.

Integration with Social Media Platforms

We cannot deny the social media craze in today’s digital era. It, therefore, comes as no surprise then that gamers are constantly on the quest for platforms that allow them to invite their family and friends to get in on the action. Therefore, linking slot machines, table games and other options with social media platforms is not only important but also lures in people in droves. Moreover, they can delight in their favorite games with people from across the globe.

Multiplayer Feature

Users gravitate more towards playing with people they’re familiar with which is where the multiplayer feature comes into play. It allows them to bask in the fun experience that comes with competing against their friends and family. Nonetheless, incorporating this feature can be an uphill battle for developers as they have to create games with multiplayer functionality in mind. It will also be useful for social media platforms as it’ll help punters interact with the community as they revel in captivating and mobile-interactive gaming sessions.

5G Internet

The most notable revolution in the gambling or gaming sector is the introduction of 5G internet connectivity. It ushers in in-depth coverage, high density, impressively low complexity, unmatched user mobility, topnotch security, significantly low latency, and reaches challenging locations. In turn, this means more secure, dependable, and faster connections for PCs, tablets, and smartphones as users launch online casinos and games.

Live Interaction

It will be an additional feature of mobile gaming apps because most people enjoy chit-chatting. Therefore, live interaction will allow them to entertain themselves as they play the games.

Revolutionary Game Engines

In today’s era, state-of-the-art technology gaming sectors coupled with revolutionary trends are churning out advanced game engines and providing an enriched experience to users worldwide. These engines deliver excellent screen coordination between 3D and 2D technology. And, with renowned companies such as Microsoft and Unity offer revolutionary game engines, gaming developers can create groundbreaking games.


VR (Virtual Reality) has graced the gaming sector with wearable devices such as Oculus Rift. They come in handy when participating in VR slot machines such as Thunderstruck II, Miss Midas, and Gonzo’s Quest at VR casinos such as Slots Million and Mr. Green. More VR games and casinos are expected to crop up in the future.

To Wrap It Up

With the mobile gaming industry is booming, it will be interesting to see how future trends will mould it. The advanced mobile platforms will be the perfect ‘cocktail’ of amazing and thrilling game features.

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