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Cabinet Hinges

cabinet hinges cabinet hinges

What comes to your mind when you think about the equipment of literally any room in a house?

When we think about designing a kitchen, a bedroom or a bathroom, most probably, one of the first things that we may think about are storage spaces, that are not only functional but also stylish. Shelves, closets, cabinets, you name it, all of them are undoubtedly very easy to be found in your house, whether it be a living room or a kitchen. When it comes to the cabinets, it is more important than anything that the doors open and close properly. We do not want a squeaking cabinet door or the ones that you have to use all the power in your muscles to open. That is why it is vital to choose the right hinges for all your cabinets, closets and every other container that you wish to pen and close with ease.

Which hinge should I choose?

Furnica offers you a wide variety of cabinet hinges made from high-quality, durable and damage-proof materials. They are easy to install, smooth, silent and completely unnoticeable from the outside of the cabinet, that is why there is no way for them to ruin the design of the space. They come in many different variations, whether you wish to have a traditional cabinet, with overlay doors, opened from the sides or the more modern ones, which open upwards, these hinges also prevent slamming doors and smashed fingers, which is a great solution when there are children in our house. No matter the situation, the hinges we offer are functional and stylish.

Why are hinges so important?

Hinges are a very important part of every cabinet. Room and kitchen cabinets as well as doors couldn’t work properly without the properly selected hinges. After buying the perfect type of product you get functionality and aesthetic.

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