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Monday, 08 March 2021 10:57

Gifts supporting child development - educational toys

Educational toys for 6 year olds - BananaPanda Educational toys for 6 year olds - BananaPanda

When looking for gifts for children, carers often decide on items that support their proper development. In order for such products to fulfill their task, they must first of all be attractive for the recipients.

Educational toys for children are a rich category of various accessories that help children practice many skills and acquire new knowledge. Which items will turn out to be the right gifts?

Educational gifts for children aged 18 months and older

Among toys that stimulate development there are many attractive proposals for toddlers aged one and a half years. At this stage of life children exercise, above all, manual skills. Suitable gifts for them can be puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. Sets for the youngest should be made of wood or thicker layers of cardboard. Thanks to this, grasping them will not be too difficult for little hands. Many pieces also have special handles adapted to the abilities of children. The friendly and colorful puzzles consisting of several elements will surely be a source of great fun for the little ones. Such puzzles will also enable to exercise memory and concentration.

Progressive puzzles are a proposal particularly valued by parents. Sets of several puzzles with different levels of difficulty often turn out to be toys that will occupy a child for a long time. The common theme of each picture makes such sets may be the basis for interesting play scenarios and stories invented by the parents. It is also a good offer for several toddlers of similar age.

Toys suitable for children aged 2-4 years

Among developing and attractive gifts for toddlers at this age there are also many types of puzzles. Kids will certainly like sensory puzzles. Such sets are composed of elements equipped with additional layers of material of different texture. Their surface is supposed to imitate real empirical impressions. They allow the youngest to explore the world on many levels and develop their sense of touch. Popular gadgets for children at this age are also wooden dividers and colorful pyramids for setting. Kids who are already 3 years old should be offered safe plastic masses.

Developmental gifts for older preschoolers

Educational puzzles for toddlers above 5 years of age are a rich selection of sets allowing them to master new skills and efficiently assimilate knowledge. There are puzzles making it easier to learn counting and reading. It is also possible to choose sets thanks to which children learn words in a foreign language. See Educational toys for 6 year olds - BananaPanda. Jigsaw puzzles, thanks to which a child will learn about the structure of the human body, will surely turn out to be attractive sets. Interesting proposals also present a map of the world or the solar system. Luminous in the dark and glittering gadgets will bring a lot of joy. Children at this age should also be offered educational board games and sets for conducting experiments. Developmental toys adjusted to the age of children will surely be the right gifts.