Friday, 29 May 2020 14:18

Poker face, or bluffs and the art of manipulation

Poker is associated primarily with high stakes, fierce competition and constant pursuit of victory. Strategy is essential in this card game, but the ability to manipulate and correctly interpret human gestures and behaviours is equally important. After all, the saying "poker face" did not come from nowhere.


Poker, a game of emotions, gestures and skilful manipulation

In addition to mathematical and analytical skills, poker requires the ability to read human behavior. The best players, in addition to outstanding strategies, are also highly sensitive of human emotions and they can control them effectively when playing. The average person doesn’t think about how his or her body reacts to certain emotions. The most important thing in poker is to mask your real emotions so that your opponents can't read them. A poker face means showing no emotion at all. Why is that? Because you can read from your opponent’s face like from an open book. Professional players know how to perfectly hide their emotions, which is why they are able to win high-stakes tournaments. You might not be aware of it, but your hand gestures can also betray your emotions during the game. The average person can only pick up on clear signals, such as nervous movements of the leg or tapping the table with your fingers. Professional poker players are very familiar with the body’s reactions to stress and can therefore read the behaviour of their opponents. What's more, manipulation is also a key part in the game of poker. Players can fake certain emotions or gestures to deliberately mislead their opponents. Bluffs are an integral part of poker and allow to constantly adapt the tactics to individual situations. Many professional poker players are so good at it that opponents can't tell when they are bluffing or when they are showing their real emotions.

Online poker – a more convenient form of playing

Online poker has become extremely popular in recent years. Thanks to the fact that the gameplay is conducted via electronic devices, it is much more difficult to bluff. This situation forces players to use more advanced tactics, thanks to which their skills are constantly developing.

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