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How AI Video Editors Transform The Business Video Industry

AI video editor AI video editor

All kinds of content such as photos, videos, and audio are potentially attractive to users of social networks and visitors to various Internet portals. No modern marketing strategy today can do without video content, the proper preparation of which requires appropriate attention. 


The active use of tools such as AI video editor can be called a new trend in video processing. They are based on artificial intelligence and make video editing much easier. In this article we'll try to understand the benefits of the process of real-time video editing for business and how to choose the right software.

How unique is AI video editor: the possibilities of artificial intelligence

Nowadays the technology of artificial intelligence itself raises much less questions than it did five years ago. Such possibilities are used to the maximum in various kinds of software. If we talk specifically about AI video editor, here artificial intelligence facilitates the completion of such tasks:

  1. Automatic editing. Often users have to repeatedly make the same type of edits to video clips, such as removing pauses, fuzzy or repeating frames, adding transitions between frames, inserting subtitles. Thanks to the capabilities of "smart" software it becomes possible to stop wasting time on this routine.
  2. Extended functionality. With the help of an AI-powered video editor it is possible to make many more changes in the video clip than in other tools. As a rule, such software has not only the standard set of options (color correction, changing brightness and contrast, substituting the audio track, etc.), but also many additional options. For example, users can be offered to use a variety of templates for video design (the choice of additional options depends solely on the software's capabilities).

All this becomes possible with the help of modern technology. A striking example of artificial intelligence when working with video is high-quality focusing without additional settings. Before it took a long time to choose the parameters in order to get a clear picture, but now the camera does it for you. 

Let's look at other features of artificial intelligence. For example, we can refer to facial recognition. If the software found a portrait on the finished video or when shooting, then it makes the necessary adjustments. A striking example is the use of all kinds of filters that allow users to make "virtual" makeup. 

Segmentation of the face or the body is part of this category of artificial intelligence capabilities. Thanks to this it is possible to change the clothes of the person appearing in the frame, changing the background, and adding various objects to it. 

In addition, software tools with artificial intelligence can implement a variety of creative ideas. The use of all kinds of filters and masks is a great example. Video can be varied with text captions, animation effects and GIFs. All of this allows you to create quality content with minimal effort.

How real-time video editing is used for business development

The use of video editing SDK has become very popular these days. This is not surprising, since many companies and ordinary users are actively creating various video clips, and accordingly, the demand for applications that specialize in development is increasing. But at the same time, all users want to be able to edit videos quickly and with high quality. For example, if they need to prepare several videos a day, it's much easier to use a ready-made set of settings or take advantage of the templates the software offers.

When thinking about developing your own software tool or upgrading an existing one, it's worth realizing that artificial intelligence software is the latest trend. In particular, the use of "smart" video editors allows:

  • make the process of working with video faster and easier;
  • get rid of the need to perform one-type tasks;
  • find ready-made solutions and templates.

At the same time, it is not as easy as it may seem at first sight to implement all the ideas and bring them to life on your own. If you are planning to run your own video editor, it is much easier to use a ready-made solution in the form of the SDK. This will allow you to use standardized techniques as a basis for implementing your own idea. For example, you can save the time you would normally spend writing code by simply optimizing it for your own needs instead. 

Using the SDK powered by artificial intelligence, you can create software where the user has access to standardized templates or layouts. The benefits of ready-made solutions don't stop there. You will be able to edit the already developed code both on your own and together with professionals and use all kinds of updates in the future. Let's try to understand the benefits of such a solution.

When you use the SDK, you not only speed up the development process, but also make the release of the software closer. The testing process is greatly simplified. In addition, in most cases, you do not have to spend time on the adaptation of the software solution, because the services have cross-platform settings.  

You should not forget about the financial side of the issue. Using a ready-made solution, you can almost always save money on development without losing focus on quality. You will be able to implement the solution that will get a huge number of downloads without spending extra time and financial resources on it.

Choosing a video editing SDK: basic criteria

In order to make full use of all the possibilities of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to carefully approach the process of selecting software. Despite the fact that there are many software solutions available, it is important to choose exactly the one that will meet your needs. 

For example, such an option as a mask is not available in all applications, but it can be very useful for bloggers. The same goes for animation effects, the possibility of creating a slideshow, and the addition of GIFs to the video sequence.

All these options and many more are available in Banuba. In addition, the program has many more features, among which we can mention:

  • a large selection of filters;
  • the ability to change the speed of the video;
  • an extended set of tools for working with sound.

The software is based on artificial intelligence, and the developers are constantly improving the service and making it even more powerful. It is important to note the fact that the software is very simple and convenient to use. It has a user-friendly interface that everyone can figure out. Due to this you don't have to worry that you will need to spend a lot of time to understand the functionality of the software solution.

Nowadays it is safe to say that video is a significant tool for marketing promotion. It's impossible to imagine any advertising campaign without it, so business representatives should take it into consideration. And it's better to create high-quality, interesting and bright videos with the help of software, which is based on artificial intelligence. To start with, it will be enough to choose any software solution and understand its functionality.

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