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Shopify – adding videos

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In addition to growing purchases and revenues, online retailers focus on the visual appeal and aesthetics of their stores.


And this is a great thing, because so many of your customers’ decisions depend on their first impression of you and trust in your brand.

Videos on Shopify - why is it worth it?

Videos are probably one of the most underrated tools for increasing e-commerce sales. When a retailer decides not to post videos on Shopify websites, he or she basically decides to ignore human nature. Customers want to check the product to understand how it works. Thanks to this, they can be sure that they are buying the right solution.

For example, buying wedding dresses online is becoming increasingly popular. Every customer wants to look gorgeous on her special day. Seeing how a dress moves during dancing, or watching a new phone model from all sides will definitely help in making a decision whether to buy or not. Everyone wants to avoid disappointment when shopping online.

This is where videos can come in useful and enhance the digital shopping experience.

Video SEO increases the visibility of your website in browsers because videos are one of the most-consumed types of content. Search engines are looking at video content more and more seriously. They extend the customer’s time on the site and thus increase sales.

How to insert a video into a product description on Shopify

Many store owners insert videos in product descriptions on Shopify. It is a technique commonly used in online retail stores as well as on Amazon. Adding video to a product page not only offers many benefits, but also makes it easier for users to find the information they are looking for. When embedding a video on Shopify is not working you can use Shopify Helper.

Insert a video in your Shopify store

Retailers and online brands are constantly looking to find better ways to engage customers, reduce cart abandonment, and increase conversions and revenue. Now is the best time to use video to achieve these goals. With the above tips and the help of the Shogun application, you can insert videos on Shopify on any page with just a few clicks. Constantly testing various video materials and placing them on Shopify will help you optimize each page to maximize conversions.

In addition to growing purchases and revenues, online retailers focus on the visual appeal and aesthetics of their stores. It's possible with Shopify!

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