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Vertical garden in a beauty salon

Vertical garden Vertical garden

Impressive green walls are often associated with large spaces where they are a design theme for the entire arrangement. Vertical gardens are perfect not only in a shopping mall or a recreation and conference centre in a well-known hotel. A stylish green wall can also be successfully used in the arrangement of companies running small businesses.

Beauty salons are one of them. How to incorporate a vertical garden into the salon décor so that the interior gains a harmonious atmosphere?

Green walls - why will they perform well in a beauty salon?

Beauty salons are real lands of beauty that provide their customers with a lot of modern care and beauty treatments. When arranging such interiors, it is worth remembering that a good salon should not only be perfectly sterile to comply with applicable health and safety regulations. It is important to decorate the interior in such a way as to maximally facilitate everyday work and create an atmosphere favourable to relaxation. A lot of women (and more often also men) enjoy treatments not only as a method of taking care of their beauty, but also relaxation and rest from everyday stress. When arranging a salon, it is worth considering it and creating a cosy place that will be great for relaxation. Such an atmosphere in the salon will contribute to gaining quickly a group of regular customers who will be glad to visit it.

Above all the interior should be harmonious. How to achieve such an effect? It is very important to choose the arrangement theme. It is a good idea to use known interior design styles. Provencal, Scandinavian or Baroque styles are perfect for the beauty industry. However, the theme colour can be also successfully chosen (e.g. white, blue, soft green) to create a coherent decor where this colour will be dominant. It is advisable to use light and sober colours that are full of calm and tranquility. Thanks to this, customers will be able to calm down fully during the treatments.

The green wall will perfectly match the atmosphere. Green calms, soothes stress and relaxes. Plants integrated into the interior design make it gain a more harmonious nature. Modern reality is full of rush, imposes a lot of requirements related to striving for perfection in all fields - professional, personal and family. This means that plenty of people are overtired and stressed, they have no time for reflection and a moment of rest. Nature allows to break away from everyday life and enjoy peace. A green wall in the beauty salon will make the place soothing and (according to visitors) more friendly.

A vertical garden in a beauty salon - how to incorporate it in the decor?

A small space available is often an issue when designing the interior of a beauty salon. A lot of salons are created in city centres because such places have the greatest chance to attract many customers. However, the premises are often small and require a lot of creativity to make both cosy and functional rooms. Usually, the premises are divided into treatment parlours (or corner areas) and a smaller or larger waiting room. Larger salons may have a separate reception.

Where should vegetation be placed? A vertical garden is perfect for a decoration in the waiting room or reception. However, large green walls can overwhelm the space in a small salon. Therefore, vertical gardens should be customised to fit perfectly into the arrangement of the specific premises. 4NatureSystem has an interesting offer ( The company creates vertical gardens in its own proprietary system. Plants are planted in special modules. Species are selected according to the conditions in the room and the effect that the customer wants to achieve. Customised arrangement ensures the green wall is possible even in a small room. The option of ordering LED lighting makes the floral decoration look even more effective. In this way individual plants can be displayed (e.g. with decorative or colorful leaves).

A green wall in a beauty salon - what about maintenance?

A green wall makes it possible to introduce nature into the decor of even a small space. The construction is applied to the wall and is properly protected, so the vegetation can grow freely. Vertical gardens do not take up valuable space, they improve the microclimate in the room (plants produce oxygen and purify the air) and make the interior receive a more cosy atmosphere. What about maintenance?

A vertical garden is equipped with automatic control and irrigation systems. Plant drip irrigation allows to provide moisture that is drawn directly by the root systems. Owing to this there is no need for manual watering. It is worth remembering, however, that seedlings grow over time. It is therefore necessary to remove dried leaves, and prune plants often so that the whole composition looks good.

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